BrickFlicks Summer Camp Package

July 19th-23rd

Start your Stop motion Journey or take your skills to the next level by making your own Stop Motion Animated scenes with our one-week Summer Camp

8-12 Years

You will receive a specially curated Stop Motion Set delivered to your door that includes a LEGO Creator set, Bricks, Baseplates, and backgrounds

All you need is a mobile device with a camera, WIFI and Stop Motion Studio Pro app downloaded

Watch Intro Video

1 hr online/ 1 hr+ offline (optional)

5 days

8-12 Years

6-12 Learners per class

Get creative in Stop Motion with our

BrickFlicks Summer Camp Package

Explore your creativity using the hands-on process of Stop Motion Animation. In this special Summer Camp, you will learn the basics of animating in Stop Motion as well as some cool tips and tricks. The camp includes a special Kit to help you build and animate your own movies set in space! Ideal for anyone wanting to learn some creative skills while you're on the move, on holidays, or at home

The camp runs over 5 days. Every morning we will meet online and using live demonstrations, explore a new animating technique. This will be followed by practical activities before making some awesome stop motion scenes. Participants will get to share their work together in the group and get feedback from the Tutor.

Createschool are a team of passionate and experienced professionals who love to animate. Based on the success of our BrickFlicks course over the last 5 years onsite, we are delighted to bring the workshop online. We work with small groups so everyone has space to learn and develop their creativity

Stop Motion Kit

In this course you will also receive a Stop Motion kit which will include a Lego creator 3in 1 set, base plates, lego bricks, a mini-figure, backgrounds, and a Certificate.. Everything you will need to make great movies set in space!

You will learn how to
Use Stop Motion Studio App
Set your frame rate
Export your movies
Add audio and sound effects
Add music
Edit your movies
Build simple sets
Develop character movement
Animate a flying spaceship
Animate blasters
Animate a robot
5 hrs online + 5 hours offline (optional)
13 Videos

Course Curriculumn

What is BrickFlicks
What is Brickflicks?
What is Stop Motion Animation ?
Setting up a mobile studio
How to use Stop Motion Studio App
How to add Sound & Titles (Post Production)
Building your set
Make a character walk
The Walk Cycle
The Run Cycle
Animating the Drone
How to build the Cyber Drone
How to animate the Cyber Drone takeoff and landing
Blasters and Shooters
How to construct blasters and shooters
Animating blasters and shooters
Animating the Robot
Constructing the Robot
Animating the robot

Information for this course

What do I need for this course?

You will need one mobile device ( smartphone /Tablet) with the  Stop Motion Studio Pro (€5.99) downloaded onto it. Make sure there is storage on that device for making movies.

Ideally, you will also need another Laptop /desktop/tablet or phone with a camera to watch the live zoom calls, participate with the tutor and follow along with any live demonstrations

What App does this course use?

This course uses Stop Motion Studio Pro. We Strongly recommend you use the paid version as it will be required at certain stages

Please make sure you can download the latest version of the app and that the operating system of your device is up to date. 

Older operating systems or devices may not be compatible anymore with the new

Other Resources

Along with the videos, this course will use a Padlet. It will contain templates, backgrounds, storyboards, and other resources that can help you on your way to being great animators

Time Commitment

Each day will have 1 hour of live online demonstrations along with 1+ hours of offline activities (Optional)

What do I get with the course?

Along with getting advice and live demonstrations from an experienced tutor, you also get a Stop Motion Kit with lego packs, mini-figure, base plate and background


Createschool is a team of passionate dedicated professionals with over 20 years of experience in delivering workshops to young people.

We are all Garda vetted and comply with the child protection GDPR. To find out more read our  Quality Assurance manual

Do I get a Certificate with this Course?

Yes. You get a Certificate with your special Stop Motion Kit that will be delivered to your door.

Minimum Age

Suitable for ages 9yrs + ( we recommend that an Adult assists with the online elements of the course )

Need another date?

we are also running this camp on July 12th-16th. Click below for more information or to book
Meet Your Instructor

Dave Sheehan

Dave has been delivering multi media workshops in creativity for over 12 years. He has over 25 years experience in songwriting and has Diplomas in music Technology and Performance and is a trained Sound engineer. Dave has also Created, Produced and Directed and composed all music for online TV shows for kids which involve green puppets with lots of musical talent.

Meet Your Instructor

Peter Baxter

Peter recently completed a Post Grad at Trinity College in Creative & Cultural Studies which has been a rewarding experience professionally and personally. He is always working on a few creative projects, usually collaborating with colleagues or friends. His absolute favourite thing to do is writing songs and he's been doing that for a long time, embracing mistakes and trying to keep in tune.

Founder & Director