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August 4th-7th

Join us online for 4 days of Stop Motion Animation. You will learn how to make your very own LEGO Movie and transport your favourite Minifigures through time & space!

The programme includes timetabled online video tutorials, individual & group sessions and offline activities. Class sizes are limited  - Book Now 

Also includes free 14 Day access to our Brick Flicks Academy Introduction Course, a BrickFlicks Academy certificate and completed videos shared on our YouTube Channel 

Tuesday 4th to Friday 7th  Aug 10 am - 2 pm daily - Book Now 

Our team of Industry experienced professional tutors work here because they have a passion for helping young people realise their creative potential 

What You Will Learn

  • The Basics Of Stop Motion

    Stop Motion Animation is a brilliant art form and we will have you getting to grips with the fundamentals. You will be making your own films in no time

  • How to Make Your Characters Walk

    The walk cycle is an important part of stop motion animating. We will show you how to master this critical basic step (excuse the pun)

  • How To Edit And Add Sound

    Often the hardest part of film making is the last stages, editing your film and then adding sound and titles. We will show you how to do all of this and more

  • Make your own movie

    Bring your favourite mini figure through different worlds, learning to plan your scenes, construct your sets and animate new actions along the way

Before We Get Started

  • Download The App

    We are using Stop Motion Studio. There is a free and a paid version. Start with the free one and see how you go. You can find links for Apple, Android and Desktop App at

  • Charge Your Device

    You will be using a smartphone or tablet to make your animation so remember to charge it before you start and check that you have enough space to film and edit your masterpiece

  • Online Live Hangouts

    Every morning at 10am and again at 12pm, You can join the gang on Google Hangouts for live chat about everything stop motion. A link will be sent to your email after you have completed booking

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction To BrickFlicks

    • What is Brickflicks?

    • 1. What is Stop Motion Animation ?

    • 2. How To Make Stop Motion Animation

    • 3. The Walk Cycle

    • How to add Sound & Titles (Post Production)

    • The Run Cycle

    • Daily upload

    • Community Link

  • 2

    Sets and Portals First World (Forest)

    • How To Create Your Story

    • How To Make A Set

    • How To Make A Portal

    • 8 Alternative Animations

    • Daily upload

  • 3

    Space Theme

    • How to make a space Setting

    • How to animate the space actions

    • The Space Challenge Upload

  • 4

    Treasure Island World

    • How to make a Treasure Island set

    • How to animate the Treasure Island actions

    • The Treasure Island Challenge and Uploads



Meet your Tutors!


Joseph Orr

Joseph studied film in TU Dublin and ever since then has been writing and producing his own short films (live action and animated). He's a massive movie buff and runs a YouTube channel called Speak Broccoli for lego stop motion parodies. He lives in the big schmoke and dreams of one day, renting laws be damned, owning a Beagle named Buckley.


Dave Sheehan

Dave has been delivering multi media workshops in creativity for over 12 years. He has over 25 years experience in songwriting and has Diplomas in music Technology and Performance and is a trained Sound engineer. Dave has also Created, Produced and Directed and composed all music for online TV shows for kids which involve green puppets with lots of musical talent.