Take your Animating Skills to the next level with our Stop Motion Masterclass

The "Dragon Slayer" course is designed for Animators (young & old) who want to improve their skills with 13 in-depth "easy to follow" video tutorials.

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Join our Professional Animators Dave and Joseph as they share their stop Motion secrets

It's Time to Slay Your Stop Motion Animation Skills

And also slay some dragons while you are at it. In this course, there are loads of downloadable resources, hours of guided offline activities, access to previous course material, dedicated online support, exclusive access to Live Monthly Masterclasses and more

You will learn:
How we made our "Dragon Slayer" movie so that you can recreate it !
How to plan your story, create a storyboard & script your movie
How to design & construct sets like our throne room, Cave & Castle
How to make your own fire breathing Dragon & awesome explosions
Techniques that will improve your frames, shots & scenes
How to light your sets efficiently & effectively
How to shoot a movie out of sequence
How to edit movies in iMovie & Stop Motion Studio App
How to layer sounds, music & dialogue into your movie

13 in-depth "easy to follow" video tutorials

Hours of guided offline activities

Loads of downloadable resources

1 hr
20 Videos

Course Curriculumn

How to use this course
How to Use This Course
Worksheet Download
Pre production
Introduction to the Course
How to plan a Movie
How to Design the Sets
How to Design Actions and Characters
How to Light the Sets
Animating (Part 1) How to Set up shots, Scenes and Frames
Animating (Part 2) How to Animate Specific Shots
Shooting Out Of Sequence
Post Production
How to Edit ( with iMovie)
How to Add Sounds ( with iMovie)
How to Add Music and Voices (with iMovie)
How to Edit ( with Stop Motion Studios)
How to add Sounds ( with Stop Motion Studio)
How to add Dragon Slayer Music and Voice ( with Stop Motion Studio)
Sounds and Music Downloads
Recap of Course
What you need to remember
Feedback and Questions
Facebook Group for Parents
Upload Movie Option
Meet Your Instructors

Dave Sheehan

Dave Sheehan is Createschool's Head BrickFlicks Tutor and has been creating fun and educational content for children of all ages for many years as well as animating films such as Cú Chullain (The Legends of County Louth) and many more for our in-house Tell Tale Stop Motion Studio. He has been delivering multi media workshops and courses in creativity for over 12 years and has more than 25 years experience in songwriting, Music Technology and Performance and is a trained sound engineer.

Meet Your Instructors

Join the Dragon Slayer Stop Motion Masterclass

Take your Animating Skills to the next level with our Stop Motion Masterclass