Creative Digital Media Arts and Music For Primary

Using your Phone or Tablet… Learn How To Produce a Podcast, create Stop Motion Animation, make short Films, capture Photos and Mix Loops and Beats with Music Production. Suitable for complete beginners and those looking to improve their skills.

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EPV Approved Online Summer Course for Primary Teachers

Creative Digital Media, Arts & Music

Our original and popular CPD course is full of practical and easy to follow tutorials, offline activities and downloadable resources. Designed to give learners the confidence to create their own podcasts, videos, animations and photos

You will learn:
Useful & practical skills that you can apply in your classroom.
Basic Digital Media Skills.
Tips and Techniques to help edit video, photos & audio on mobile devices.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and can’t wait to incorporate it into my teaching, I would definitely recommend it to others!"


"I greatly enjoyed the course. My creative digital skills are much improved. "


"It has been accessible, inspirational and fresh. I felt encouraged and supported throughout."


What you will learn

Digital Media Skills

Learn at your own pace with our easy to follow tutorials and online support. You will be making podcasts, videos and stop motion animation on your mobile devices in no time.

Innovative Approaches

We will share ways to develop engaging content and activities you can use in your own teaching and learning.

Creative Tech Tips

Simple and practical ways to implement readily available mobile technology in the classroom. Make the most of tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks, laptops & PCs!
Module 1


Learn how to plan, produce and present podcasts.

You will learn:
How to record podcasts using apps and software.
Basic audio editing skills.
Practical ideas for classroom projects.
Module 2

Movie Making

Easy to follow, step by step, introduction to the fundamentals of film making

You will learn:
How to capture great video on your mobile device
Basic video editing skills
Simple storyboarding tips
Module 3

Stop Motion Animation

Find out how to make simple and effective Stop motion movies using LEGO mini-figures, hand made sets and simple apps

You will learn:
Simple stop motion tips
How to animate a walk cycle
How to create 2D sets from mixed materials
Module 4

Music Production

Modern apps make creating your own music fun and a simple experience. Using pre-recorded loops and beats and intuitive design you can now make a soundtrack for your film or a theme for your podcast.

You will learn:
How to create simple Digital music
How to edit and mix your music
How to use loops and beats
Module 5


We are all carrying around a great camera in our pockets and we take more photos than ever before. This module will show you some great tips and tricks to help make the most of yours.

You will learn:
How to "make" not "take" photographs
Editing tips
How to use photos for classroom storytelling projects
20 Hours
74 Videos
1 Download

Course Curriculumn

Each of the 5 modules on this course takes 4 hours to complete with a total of 20 hours to complete the full course.

Resources and important info before you get started
Introduction to Course
CPD Learning Log
Community Forum
Module 1: Podcasting
Module 1 - Community Forum - Podcasts
1.1 What Is A Podcast?
1.2 How to search for and playback Podcasts
1.3 Equipment for making a Podcast
1.4 Recording & Editing your Podcast
1.5 How to Plan Your Podcast
1.6 How to Share your Podcast
Assignment 1A - Podcast Upload
Assignment 1B - Podcast - description of techniques used
Module 1 Summary - Podcasting
Podcast Examples And Lesson Ideas
Module 2: Movie Making
Module 2 - Movie Making - Resources & Apps
Module 2 Community Forum - Movies
2.1 What is Movie Making? An Introduction
2.2 The Three "P"s of Movie Making
2.3 Ideation! (How to Create an idea)
2.4 Shot Types and Framing
2.5 Lighting and Audio
2.6 How to Edit your Movie
2.6 b - Editing with WeVideo on Android App & Desktop Browser
2.7 Sharing Your Finished Movie
Assignment 2A - Movie Making Upload
Assignment 2B - Movie Making - description of your techniques
Module 2 Summary - Movie Making
Module 2 Movie Making Resource - Storyboard
Module 2 Movie Making Resources - MM Checklist
Movie Making Lesson Ideas
Module 3: Stop Motion Animation
Module 3 - Stop Motion Animation Resources & Links
Module 3 Community Forum - Stop Motion
3.1 Stop Motion - Introduction
3.2 How to Plan a Movie
3.3 What Material You Will Need
3.4 How to SetUp
What are The Three F's
How to Animate the Bouncing Ball
How to Edit Your Animation
Assignment 3 - Stop Motion Quiz
Module 3 Summary - Stop Motion Animation
Stop Motion Animation Resources
Module 4: Music Technology
Module 4 - Music Technology - Resources, Links & Apps
Module 4 - Community Forum - Music Technology
4.1 Music Technology - An Introduction
4.2 What Equipment do you need ?
4.3 How to Get Started
4.4 How to Record your Music
4.5 How to Edit your Music
4.6 How to Mix your Music
4.7 How To Share Your Digital Music
Assignment 4 - Music Technology Quiz
Module 4 Summary - Music Technology
Music Technology Glossary of Terms
Module 4 - iPad - Before You Get Started
Music Technology Lesson Ideas
Module 5: Digital Photography
Module 5 - Digital Photography - Resources & Apps
Module 5 - Community Forum - Digital Photography
5.1 An Introduction to Digital Photography
5.2 How To Make A Digital Photograph
5.3 How to Edit your Photograph
5.4 How To Share Your Digital Photography
Module 5 - Digital Photography - Snapseed App Demonstration
Module 5 - Digital Photography Summary
Assignment 5A- Digital Photograpy Upload
Assignment 5B - Digital Photography - description of your techniques
Reflective Learning Assignment
Reflective Learning Assignment
Reflective Learning Assignment Upload 2
Additional Material
Link To WeVideo Academy Tutorials
Createschool Quality Assurance Manual
School Self-Evaluation Guidelines 2016-2020 Primary
How to move through the course when uploading assignments via email
Evaluation & Feedback
DES requirement - Participant Evaulation Form
Createschool CPD Feedback Survey - Creative Digital Media, Arts & Music
Meet Your Instructor

Peter Baxter

Peter recently completed a Post Grad at Trinity College in Creative & Cultural Studies. An experienced professional arts practitioner and educator specialising in creative digital multi media and music. Like many Creatives, Peter’s practice and interests cover a variety of different fields, mainly film, animation, music and podcasts. He is the Founder and Director of Creative Digital Media Education Company - Createschool (2001) and of Tell Tale Animations - Stop Motion Animation Studio (2016) An established songwriter and performer- his discography includes three albums, several singles and he has worked with a number of well known producers including David Bridie, Dónal Lunny, Mick Thomas and Dave Steel. Since 2007, he has been producing, writing and/or presenting podcasts including the award winning iWalks series for Fáilte Ireland.

Founder & Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course ALL Online?


We have designed this course so that a great deal of it can be completed offline. 

There are elements of the courses that you complete using pen and paper ( most of the planning and writing for example) and other elements that you can use your phone in (Airplane Mode) like some of the photography, podcasting and video making modules.

Do I need a mobile device to complete the course ?

Yes. It would be much easier to complete the course with a mobile device. 

Ideally, you will have a mobile device and a laptop or desktop so that you can watch the video tutorials on the laptop and then complete the task on the mobile device. 

Most mobile devices with a camera will work fine. Just make sure that you can download these apps. 


For Apple Devices click here

For Android Devices  click here


For Apple devices click here 

For Android devices click here 

StopMotion Studio

Click here for links

What Apps do I need to download?

You won't need an app to access the course - it will be accessible at when you buy the course. 

However, to complete the various creative activities you will need the following apps on your mobile phone or tablet.


For Apple Devices click here

For Android Devices  click here


For Apple devices click here

For Android devices click here 

StopMotion Studio

Click here for links

Can I complete the course at my own pace?


We will be arranging Q & A sessions via Zoom and an introduction session which you are welcome to attend but it is optional and you can complete the course at your own pace between July 1st 2021 and August 27th 2021

Do I need wifi?


As many of the features of the course are accessible via cloud-based apps you will need wifi to complete online elements of the course.

Do I need a Teaching Council Number


You do need to submit your Teaching Council Number (TCN) to complete course registration. 

We will be in touch after your initial payment and ask for some details including your TCN number

Do I receive a certificate?


On successful completion of the course, you will receive a DES Authorised Certificate that you can then submit to your school to qualify for the relevant EPV Days.

What happens if I have a complaint or issue?

In the unlikely event that you have any complaints regarding our service please contact us first. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes as quickly as possible. 

If you have any complaints regarding our compliance with our Privacy Policy please also contact us first. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes as quickly as possible. You also have the right to file a complaint with a competent data protection authority if you are a resident of a European Union member state.

More information is available in our Quality Assurance Manua

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